About me

Learn more about Eric Le, and contact me for graphic design, fashion design, art direction, illustration and more creative work.


About me

Thanks for dropping by. As a designer, consultant and entrepreneur, I’ve got a passion for my craft that’s been fuelled over the years by creative collaborations.

I am forever inspired by street trends and talented people – and the role design plays in creating cultures and communities. That’s been a constant for me, from my early days as a graffiti artist in Paris, to working in London with a multimedia cultural activist when the Internet was a new thing, to building up a streetwear business to become one of Europe’s largest independent outfits with worldwide distribution.

Spending my time between Hong Kong, Paris and Vancouver, I am now open to work with other companies in different markets. What I bring to the drawing board is creative vision and design skills, informed by extensive, first-hand experience of the entire production, distribution and marketing chains.

Whether you’re an established business with brands to grow, have a major event to curate, or are a start-up or emerging artist, I’d be equally happy to take your call.

Bring me in on creative direction (brand, collections, campaign directions), design (fashion, illustration, print design, layout), manufacturing (sampling, production, pricing, sourcing), brand execution (marketing), business (management, distribution).

Let’s talk:
Email: ericledesigner@gmail.com
LinkedIn: Eric Le
Skype: ericledesigner