Eric Le Design is a design studio focusing on identity and branding across traditional and digital mediums.
We would like to niche into specialty cafes, but being a small start-up studio we are happy to work with clients from other industries.
At ELD we strive for quality, concept and value. We are aware of trends but aim to design for longevity with meaning, and purpose. We believe good products, services, and specialty coffee should naturally be accompanied with good branding and design.

We don’t pretend to be the expert in every field and industry. Instead, we filter your knowledge through our creative funnel to find the right solution for you and your business.
Some of our services include:
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Website Design



Hiya, a bit about myself:

Passionate, hard-working, and full of ideas. I’m a life learner, continually seeking to improve my skills.
I have lived interstate and overseas, developing as an individual and broadening his perspective.
I get inspiration from greats such as Stefan Sagmeister - always finding meaning in things and having a bit of fun while I’m at it.
I have a background in hospitality, barista to be specific. Hence, my obsession and passion with specialty coffee.


Hello, a few things about me:

Positive, attentive and curious. I love problem-solving and continually learning new and better ways to solve ever-growing challenges in this digital age.
I am continually improving my skills and finding opportunities to apply my knowledge.
I have a keen interest in robotics and automation, constantly looking for ways to improve my workflow.
With my ranging knowledge and experience in the software development field, I’ll help bring your vision to life.

The life of a designer is a life of fight:
fight against the ugliness.